Learning the Good News

On Tuesday, I woke up to a text from Jason. He wanted to talk to me at 9:50 AM during his break. My eyes widened at this part of the message: "let me know when you're free to chat for a few mins:-)"

I looked up, alert, and cautiously optimistic. 

At 9:50 AM, at work, I scooted into a focus room across from my cube. Jason told me the good news, that he was a compatible living donor match.

My first instinct - Ask: "Are you sure? What kind of tests did they run?"

"They ran the crossmatching, and there were no problems!"

It was all a pretty incredible shock, and at that moment, I felt almost numb with relief and disbelief. As we talked about it some more, tears welled up in my eyes. I shared the good news with my co-workers, then called Linda, called my mom, and told my siblings.

A few days later, I am still absorbing the good news. Not until today have I felt like it's really hit me.

The next step are some meetings with the surgeons, and final minor physical tests for Jason - EKG, chest x-ray. We'd like to schedule the transplant surgery within the next few months.

I am feeling beyond lucky and grateful for my dear friend Jason.