SecureWay - PD Catheter Transfer Set Holder

For all the PD patients reading this, I'd like to suggest that you try out SecureWay, a PD catheter valve holder that has made a big difference for me in terms of comfort and reducing the use of irritating tape. It's also made showering with a transfer set much easier.

I like it so much that I sincerely believe they really should just issue these to new PD patients immediately after their surgery to place the cathether. It costs $19.95 and is worth every penny.

SecureWay is basically a plastic holder that you snap the end of your transfer set onto. It's attached via a string that you loop around your neck. A simple concept, but I tell you, it really does adds a lot of convenience, and just works much better than having to tape down your catheter to your torso. I also tried a special belt, but it couldn't compare.

The inventor, Edward Alfonso, was also a PD patient himself. Nicely done, sir!